Whilst Future Talent employers have long taken diversity and inclusion seriously, 2020/21 is the year in which we have collectively raised the bar and have acknowledged as an industry, that it is no longer acceptable to tolerate even the most minor differences in selection rates for minority groups.

    Sophie Meaney, Managing Director, Amberjack kick-started the masterclass on Thursday 18th March (1-3pm) with practical guidance on the principles of inclusive assessment design. She covered:

    • Diversity – representation Vs diversity of thought
    • Inclusivity – equality of opportunity Vs uniformity of experience
    • Bias Vs Raw Bias – what should you be looking at
    • Fundamental principles of inclusive assessment design
    • Inherent barriers to inclusivity
    • Positive Action – what is and isn’t acceptable

    In the second part of the session, Rachel Kershaw from Police Now and Hannah Rolph from Allen & Overy, explored the theory of inclusive assessment, as well as the practical reality and challenges of implementing a best practice approach.

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