Hear the thoughts from one of our recent Industrial Placements, Kieran on his recent experiences at Amberjack.

    If you told me on my first day at Amberjack Towers that I would be working during a global pandemic that may not only forever change the way we work, but also our daily lives, I would have laughed you down. However, over the duration of my placement, Amberjack has supported me through this situation we are in and has meant that I gained and improved various skills which I will take with me in the future and for this I am forever grateful.

    Synonymous with Amberjack’s motto – Ability with Agility – it was important that I could adapt to any obstacles that were thrown in my path. These included starting my placement on crutches due to a sporting injury, everchanging demands for my work or the minor inconvenience that was the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout I was given support by my team and trusted that I would always provide the best service despite the challenging times.

    Although the pandemic has created problems that has changed our work environment, this provided me with an unexpected, but valuable opportunity. The transition to working from home gave me greater responsibility for my work, so I had to ensure that I was organised, and this consequently improved my time management. The transition away from the office also sadly resulted in no longer being able to play table football at lunch, the games of which were fiercely competitive, but all in good jest.

    As a large part of my role was to guide our candidates through the recruitment process, I was in contact with them frequently and so making sure that my communication via email or on the phone was clear and concise was important, especially as we are dealing with peoples future careers. Similarly, communication with my team was essential so that our work was completed properly and efficiently.

    Overall, my experience was unexpected but extremely valuable and I would highly recommend this for others looking for a similar role. Hopefully, you will be able to gain the same skills but without the global pandemic accompanying it.

    Kieran Read