Recent research indicates more than anything else, optimising candidate experience is the key recruiting trend.

    Especially for volume campaigns there is an aspiration to be less ‘process’ and more ‘human’ when it comes to recruitment. But this is often thwarted by frustration around the tools available, lack of resources and the pressure to do more with less.

    This is where real-time online chat to connect your people to candidates at different stages of the process is a simple, cost-effective and accessible way of presenting the human side of your business.

    Your careers website and all of the great content it contains is a good reference point but the opportunity to ask questions directly provides a human interaction that is more valuable for candidates.

    • Engage with target groups such as schools/ universities efficiently
    • Coach applicants through your selection process
    • Offer true role insights
    • Enable applicants to engage with existing candidates
    • Keep offered candidates engaged

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