Future Talent in 2025/30

    It’s always a treat to take a few hours out of the day and invest them in inspiration, thought and discussion. Yesterday we enjoyed a fantastic afternoon of Future Focus, with a number of leading Future Talent thinkers, topping it off with cocktails and a delicious dinner at Hutong at The Shard.

    Aside from a slight hangover, here were some of my key takeaways:

    Whilst there is no doubt that the pace of technological advancement will continue to increase, organisations are already struggling to cope with the rate of change and, whilst we’re getting our data into better shape, it still isn’t where it needs to be in order to exploit the full potential of Machine Learning and AI. There is still much that needs to be done before the industry is in a position to hand over to Robo-recruiters.

    As automation continues to create new roles, but make others redundant and we all face into 100 year+ lives, employers need to be proactive and “recycle their talent,” helping those who automation is displacing remain economically relevant and additive either to their organisation or to the wider market.

    Whilst, Future Talent Programmes will, as a consequence, continue to open up to new talent (Career Changers), 100% of our attendees felt that that Graduate Programmes would still exist in 2025.
    Whilst predictions of an ongoing shift to a gig-based model can’t be ignored, the reality is that members of Generation Z value security as much as they value flexibility, so the perfect future talent programme of 2025/30 will offer the best of both worlds.

    Assessment of Potential will be ever more relevant in a world in which the skills and requirements of tomorrow simply cannot be anticipated.

    Technology is raising new questions (Who shapes the query logic that drives Data Lake output for assessment insights? Where are the ethical boundaries in the application of AI to selection?) and Future Talent Leaders need to be proactive in providing the answers.
    As organisational hierarchies continue to flatten and the Google effect (it’s not what you know, it’s how you apply what you can search out) continues to be felt, it is vital that businesses recognise the value that can be added even by their least experienced members.

    In the era of disruption, with past performance becoming an ever less reliable predictor of future performance, we can’t anticipate the detail of tomorrow with accuracy. We can, however, feel confident that Future Talent will continue to be at the forefront of innovation in attraction, assessment and selection and that deep and niche expertise in this area will become even more relevant and powerful through the 5th Industrial Revolution.

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