Your definitive guide to apprentice recruitment trends in 2021.

    The 2020/21 recruitment season was certainly like no other. With the backdrop of the ongoing pandemic, a global economic downturn, the Black Lives Matter movement and our final exit from the European Union, employers have faced some of the biggest changes that our sector has ever seen. Despite this, organisations have risen to the challenge, embraced the accelerated rate of digital change and continued to attract, select, and onboard their new cohorts with some surprising and unexpected benefits.

    Our reports are split into two parts:

    Part 1: This part of the report analyses anonymous application data from leading employers to help us understand student behaviour in
    terms of job search, identify top performing universities and helps us to track progress in terms of Diversity and Inclusion.

    Part 2: This is a short employer survey that through a series of questions provides in-depth information on recruitment delivery. This includes sections on hiring demand, budget, attraction activity, assessment tools and more broadly the utilisation of recruitment

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