Research shows more creativity, time, and effort needs to be given to the experience candidates receive during recruitment.

    The Future Talent Insights Report found that today, candidate experience is a top priority. But all too often the experience candidates receive is poor. Marketing Week revealed that a poor candidate experience cost Virgin Media £4.4m in 2014. And headlines like this make the challenge of meeting candidate experience a strategic necessity for all of us.

    Attraction shouldn’t be about numbers. It’s about connecting with the right candidates. This is why we call our approach Intelligent Attraction. All marketing tactics lead to your careers site. Here candidates understand the culture, gain insight into the employee experience and connect with your brand. But there’s more you can do. We consider a Match Me tool that provides role insight and enables candidates to deselect themselves a staple for modern recruitment.

    Selection processes are becoming faster, more tailored and more digital – our innovative and award winning work for Unilever has set the benchmark. Here we reduced the time to hire from months to a matter of days – transforming candidate experience and results. Our digitally immersive, gamified and candidate centric approach is so ground breaking we even measure experience. But it’s not a one size fits all solution. And nor should it be. To be effective your selection process must identify potential in candidates, while delivering the instant feedback that we are all used to as consumers.

    If your recruitment is already underway other tactics can improve candidate experience. Amberchat can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively to improve campaign engagement. Also outsourcing parts of your recruitment will free you from labour intensive and time consuming activities – candidate management, keep warm campaigns to reduce reneged offers, video interviewing, cv screening, interviewing, running assessment centres or expenses management. As recruitment experts we can support your entire campaign or crucial elements quickly, easily, and cost-effectively enabling you to concentrate on the value you can bring to your business through workforce planning, stakeholder management, and other HR activities.

    If you want to improve the effectiveness of candidate experience at any stage of your campaign we have the experience and creative power to help, get in touch by filling out the form on the right or call us on 01635 584130.