Diversity as the biggest strategic challenge in Future Talent recruitment today. Get better results from your diversity efforts.

    The Future Talent Insights Report identifies Diversity as the biggest strategic challenge in Future Talent recruitment today. The fundamental issue at the root of this challenge is that the average diversity of Future Talent hires does not match the diversity of students. Something is wrong. It suggests that there are systematic factors preventing students either applying or being selected by many employers.

    For employers to address the diversity challenge and meet their targets, recruitment barriers must fall. As passionate campaigners for best practice and equal opportunity, we see it as our responsibility to continually work with our clients to evolve their attraction tactics and recruitment processes to enable applicants from all backgrounds to compete on a level playing field. An example of an employer who’s acted is Network Rail.

    Part of the solution is about attraction. To engage the right diversity groups with the right message at the right time. Its cost-effective, highly targeted and results driven. We call this approach Intelligent Attraction.

    But employers can also do more. It’s not as simple as increasing the number of candidates entering your process. Quite often there are fundamental flaws with recruitment processes that create barriers for candidates. Therefore, in addition to attraction you should consider an adverse impact study to ensure your recruitment process is fair or find out how to implement Positive Action to level the playing field.

    If you’re interested in meeting your diversity targets find out more about how we can improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your efforts. Please fill out your details or call us on 01635 584130.