With the continued restrictions and start of Lockdown #3 it has been a very difficult start to 2021.

    With the continued restrictions and start of Lockdown #3 it has been a very difficult start to 2021.  Despite this our continued engagement with clients and the broader sector has revealed some emerging and positive trends which are we felt were both interesting and helpful to share.

    Recruitment remains strong

    With the ongoing uncertainty many organisations have placed experienced hire recruitment on hold and many Future Talent employers have reduced budgets and hiring numbers. However, the majority have continued with their recruitment and in some cases have increased the size of their intake. This highlights the importance of this pipeline of talent and how critical it is in terms of supporting the future success of their business.

    Opportunity for change

    Organisations who were resistant to change, especially digitally and against the use of technology in recruitment, have been forced to move with the times to offer virtual experiences due to the pandemic. Change that Future Talent teams have been desperate to implement for years has been fast tracked due to the necessity to carry on with COVID restrictions in place. 

    Unexpected efficiencies

    One of the biggest, unexpected benefits of virtual recruitment is the efficiencies it has driven in terms of cost and resource. Organisations who have spent significant budget on campus activities and delivering assessment centers across the country (or globally) have been presented with a more agile and flexible model in terms of delivery and an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint. As we move through 2021 there is much discussion around whether the fully virtual approach will remain or hybrid approach of virtual and face to face will be adopted.

    Realignment of Resources

    A consequence of driving efficiencies from a cost and resource perspective is that this budget can be redistributed to build a more effective and efficient processes or more innovative ways of assessing. With increased automation and virtual processes headcount can be reallocated to parts of the process that can add most the most value from both a business and candidate perspective. So, these short-term fixes instigated by the pandemic will actually have long-term uses and benefits for early talent teams.

    Better candidate experience

    The pandemic has changed the workplace undoubtably but also open the recruitment process for candidates due to virtual equivalent options to interviews, open days, and assessment centres. Virtual processes could be considered more inclusive especially for those applicants from lower socioeconomic backgrounds or have less access to careers resources. It has also been found that candidates are enjoying the virtual experience both on-campus and the within the recruitment process with many employers seeing improved NPS scores. 

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