Modern assessment delivers a dynamic, exciting and highly engaging digital experience for candidates. Now you can bring the same interactive experience to your Assessment Centres with Impact, the paperless Assessment platform. Watch the video below to see how Impact makes Assessment Centres more efficient and transforms the experience for candidates, assessors and facilitators.

The Impact platform is fully personalised to your brand and any assessment exercises. It’s a secure standalone platform that captures all assessor scores, behaviours and comments for all exercises even across multiple locations. Time and costs are saved, and Assessment Centres made more effective with the paperless experience Impact delivers.

Impact transforms the objectivity, consistency, visibility and effectiveness of your Assessment Centres. Best of all because you have all your scores and MI data in one place you can make quality hiring decisions faster than ever before.

To find out more about Impact and see the platform in action, add your details or call us on 01635 584130.

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