Following on from my blog last week. Part 2, focuses on determining whether you are using the right technology and the importance of data.

Have you got the right technology?

If selected and utilised in the correct way, technology can transform the recruitment experience for both candidates and organisations. Whether it is an ATS that underpins your whole process to new and innovative technologies such as Virtual Assessment Centres these can all help drive huge efficiencies. Clients who have successfully implemented these technologies have reported happier candidates, fewer reneges and significant savings from a resource and budget perspective. It is important to highlight here however, that the use of technology needs to be balanced and human interaction is still critical to the success of a robust recruitment process.

When you are looking at your technology, the following are criteria I consider essential for evaluating its suitability:

  1. Are you automating the right things? E.g.
    1. Technology is best at tasks that require linear thinking, people are best at tasks that involve holistic thinking
    2. Technology is best at efficient completion of repetitive/commoditised tasks, people are best at tasks that require creativity or relationship building
  2. Is it the minimum effective intervention? Are there better ways to simplify and speed up?
  3. Does it support candidate self-service and on-demand access?
    1. One of the best ways to improve candidate experience and increase process efficiency is to put candidates in control of their own journey.
  4. Is it Future-Proof?
    1. Ideally any technology you introduce will be modular and easy to upgrade
    2. It should be an enabler, not a feature: whilst it is always tempting to jump on the latest technology bandwagon to gain some short term differentiation, the pace of technology evolution is so rapid that what differentiates for good reasons today, will differentiate for the wrong reasons tomorrow. Ensuring your EVP is your point of differentiation, but using technology to bring that EVP to life, means you can maintain your competitive advantage whilst upgrading technology unnoticed in the background.

Have you got the right data?

Don’t overlook metrics. Although often time-consuming and sometimes confusing, analytics are extremely important. Used regularly, defined and well understood metrics are brilliant for measuring success but can used also be used to highlight any potential weaknesses and drive you to keep improving. These days, tools like Amberjack’s advanced reporting suite, make it incredibly easy to gain instant data insights and to present those insights in a visually compelling way.  Since Data is the starting point for a proper understanding of process effectiveness and efficiency, this is truly fundamental.

So in summary, in this time of turbulence, it would be very easy to focus on all the things that are unknown and allow the uncertainty to justify in action.  There are, however, various things that are very much known and, if viewed positively, shifting sands and budgetary constraints can result in significant progress.  As an expert in intelligent recruitment process automation, Amberjack’s technology platforms and supporting services can drive enormous improvements in all of these areas so, if you are a time-poor recruitment leader don’t hesitate to contact us and ask how we might be able to turn the dial for you.

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