This year the Future Talent Insights Report named Ambertrack as the most popular recruitment system in the early careers space. This doesn’t come as any surprise to those of us who’ve used Ambertrack and compared the experience with other systems. There’s no comparison. If you’re serious about Future Talent recruitment, you’ll be blown away when you see what Ambertrack can do.

The reason why the most progressive brands in the world manage their Future Talent recruitment on Ambertrack is quite simple. Ambertrack delivers exceptional results for intake-based volume recruitment campaigns. This single objective is what Ambertrack was born to do. It can be customised to follow any recruitment process and provides an immersive and branded experience for candidates. Unique features such as net promoter scoring (to keep a constant eye on how candidates are feeling about you), automated personalised feedback (to meet the demanding expectations of candidates today) set Ambertrack apart from any other system. But, so does the immersive experience it delivers with pre-integrated video assessment, candidate chat, contextualised screening, SJT and onboarding platforms as well as integrations with leading external test providers.

Perhaps most important of all, Ambertrack gives you a competitive advantage. It provides the means to develop and track HR metrics in Future Talent recruitment better than any other platform. Technology is no longer a luxury in a digital age where data analytics drives effectiveness and acts as the foundation for any progressive organisation. Ambertrack provides the data insight to not only improve results but inform the business case for change. If you’re serious about recruitment, then you’ll know that today great technology underpins great recruitment, and Ambertrack is truly great.

If you’re interested in making your Future Talent recruitment more effective you need to see a demo of Ambertrack. Please fill out your details or call us on 01635 584130.

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