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We have recently announced our exciting acquisition of Fusion Graduate Consultancy. Fusion is the leading Graduate Recruitment and Development provider in Australia and the merging of our two organisations offers a truly unrivalled proposition to the Future Talent Market across the European and Asia-Pacific regions. This partnership will enable continued innovation and help the group exceed the expectations of new and exciting client partners. Fusion will continue to offer their existing products and services, with access to new tools and technologies via Amberjack. As part of the transaction, we are extremely excited to be launching Fusion’s market leading Learning & Development offering to the UK market.

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Our Development Methodology

Our methodology is based on a three-phase building block approach.

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Building Competencies

  • Build the skills required to operate as an effective employee.
  • Develop the capability to deal with managers, roles and the working environment while learning to operate as an effective team member.
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Getting Established

  • Build the skills required to transition into working life.
  • Grow confidence for success.
  • Improve self-awareness, capability and knowledge of the organisation.
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Emerging Leaders

  • Accelerate graduates’ potential to evolve into effective future leaders.
  • Explore the concept of leadership, in a real business environment with mentors and leaders.
  • Elevate success by participating in a real business or social enterprise project.

Our Development Approach

The first step is to DISCOVER the direction, purpose and strategy of your graduate development journey. We work with you to understand and build the relevant development workshops based on current and future need
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Our Development Design

The second step is to customise the DESIGN of development workshops, using our suite of diverse modules that are flexible to each organisation, their competencies, strategy, available behavioural data and all mapped to the Graduate Development Programme.

Programme Support

Getting Established

Building Competencies

Emerging Leaders

How We Deliver

The third step is to DELIVER your Graduate Development workshops. Our experienced team of facilitators leverage our state of the art face-to-face, virtual and micro/e-learning offering (all mapped to our online learning and support platform, Graduate Passport) to enable your graduates to get established, build the required competencies and empower your emerging leaders.


Our face-to-face delivery encourages personalised connection and interaction to support learning. It ensures graduates are engaged and challenged.


Our hybrid delivery ensures that both online and face-to-face learning are linked, creating a seamless and integrated learning environment.


Our customised virtual
classrooms are interactive and support flexible delivery.



Our customised micro-learning delivers short bursts of just in time content.

Activities, videos, audio, quizzes and online content are achievable ways to learn in a fast-paced environment.


Our Case Studies

Why Work With Us?

Through strong relationships and a consistent experience, we empower our client partners to achieve programme success enabling them the opportunity to customise their development program.

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‘We really value the true partnership with Fusion to support our graduates on their Learning & Development journey. The bespoke and agile approach to the learning needs and requirements of our grads continues to receive overwhelming positive feedback.’

Jenny Dao, nbn

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