26th May 2016


Social Mobility in Early Careers Recruitment Masterclass

Get access to the latest insights, innovations and hot topics from the world of Future Talent recruitment.


Understand social mobility best practices


Develop a socially diverse workforce


Benefit from a competitive advantage

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Businesses are only as good as their people. And it’s vital for growth that firms identify and recruit the best individuals. But evidence shows social mobility is important for growth too.

The UK has one of the highest set of barriers for social mobility. And when it comes to building a socially diverse workforce barriers are a big problem. Opportunities are unfortunately not open to all. And this is preventing talented and driven people getting ahead. But are businesses contributing to these barriers?

Research shows barriers can be encountered at every stage of the recruitment processes. Adverse impact or bias can be found at the initial application form through assessment, and beyond.

Join us on 26th May from 11am-2pm in London to discover why social mobility is such a hot topic. And understand how to minimise adverse impact in your recruitment process.


“The Masterclasses are some of the best events I’ve been to for a long time. They are not only informative but thought provoking, combining innovative content with great input from the audience too.”

Gary Argent, Managing Director, Graduate Transitions

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