11th February 2020


Six Degrees of Apprenticeships Masterclass

Workshop and Panel Discussion with employers leading the way on Degree and Higher Apprenticeships.


The latest talent trends


Benefit from unique sector insights


Reduce costs and improve results

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Degree apprenticeships are a relatively new type of programme, developed in partnership with employers, universities and professionals where students can achieve a full bachelor’s or master’s degree as part of their apprenticeship. Technically part of the Higher Apprenticeship family, they both are distinct programmes with their own individual advantages.

We invite you to a panel discussion featuring organisations who are leading the way in these programmes, to learn more about the work they are doing and the value these programmes are adding to their organisations.

Join us for “Six Degrees of Apprenticeships” Masterclass, Tuesday 11th February in London, 11am-2pm. 

Topics for discussion and debate include:
• The apprentices perspective, their own experiences.
• Employers view on how they address the future skills need.
• Building the business case for degree apprenticeships.
• Funding.
• University partnerships.
• Value and ROI.

“The Masterclasses are some of the best events I’ve been to for a long time. They are not only informative but thought provoking, combining innovative content with great input from the audience too.”

Gary Argent, Managing Director, Graduate Transitions

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