9th October 2018


The secret to ‘doing more with less’ in future talent recruitment Masterclass

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The Future Talent Insights Report identified ‘Doing more with less’ as a key strategic challenge for inhouse recruitment leaders and their teams. Nowhere is there more focus on this issue than in the world of volume recruitment for entry level schemes like graduates and apprentices. It’s often not just the volumes of hires that’s the issue. It’s the need to deliver success while meeting the demands of candidate expectations, diversity targets and reducing reneged offers.

The advent of automation and digital assessment, combined with the increasing influence of modern consumer expectations mean the strategies that worked in the past to attract and select the very best talent, are no longer effective or competitive. This Masterclass will introduce cost-effective innovations that will add value to every step of your recruitment from attraction to selection and onboarding.

Join us for The secret to ‘doing more with less’ in future talent recruitment Masterclass, 9th October 2018 in London, 11am-2pm. 


“Great amount of information provided, very thought provoking.”

Sheena Forbes, HR Manager, EMEA, F5 Networks

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