14th January 2020


Schools Engagement Partnership

Aims to bridge the gap between employers, schools, and the talent of the future.

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Whilst the newspaper headlines are keen to point out the drop in apprenticeship starts, those of us closer to the real story know that the overall drop is only part of the picture. Organisations are offering a range of opportunities, not always linked to apprenticeships, so schools have increasingly become the source of applicants for future talent programmes.

Recently a number of our clients asked us to use our networks and market visibility to help address one of the biggest barriers to applications for their school leaver programmes: schools engagement.  With over 4,000 schools in the UK, it is impossible for any organisation, whatever their scale, to truly turn the dial on parental and student understanding of the opportunities that exist outside of the traditional further education path.

The Schools Engagement Partnership aims to bridge the gap between employers, schools, and the talent of the future. It brings together Future Talent leaders from our various client organisations and the wider industry to work together as a connecting force with a primary mission: to create a coordinated cross-industry approach to school engagement. Participants in this initiative already include Deloitte, Diageo, EY, J&J, Network Rail, PwC, and Unilever.

Join us for our “Schools Engagement Partnership” in Birmingham on Tuesday 14th January 12.30pm – 4pm.

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