20th June 2017


Return on Investment & Diversity in Future Talent Masterclass

Get access to the latest insights, innovations and hot topics influencing the world of recruitment.


The latest future talent trends


Benefit from unique sector insights


Reduce costs and improve results

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By 2020 Millennials will make up 50% of the workforce. Therefore our Masterclass content is drawn from our experience, research and knowledge of Millennial candidates and the early careers market. Because the workforce is evolving and becoming younger the research, experiences and innovations we will share can inform strategy and other high volume recruitment campaigns.

Against the backdrop of global economic uncertainty, doing more with less continues to be a universal imperative. Enhanced diversity also continues to be top of the agenda as organisations recognise the benefit of a truly diverse workforce. Join us to look at the tools, practices and processes which can help you truly turn the dial on your workforce make up as well as achieve the strategic objectives of your early careers programmes with the minimum outlay for maximum return.

Join us for “Return on Investment & Diversity in Future Talent” Masterclass, 20th June in London, 11am-2pm.


  • Learn how to anticipate, measure and optimise the ROI of your Future Talent programmes
  • Find out what other organisations are doing to improve the diversity of their early careers workforce
  • Use Amberjack’s Future Talent Report Insights to help you benchmark the effectiveness of you early careers processes and the diversity of your early careers intakes
  • Gain an insight into the tools, practices and processes which can help you achieve the ROI and diversity outcomes you seek



“The Masterclasses are some of the best events I’ve been to for a long time. They are not only informative but thought provoking, combining innovative content with great input from the audience too.”

Gary Argent, Managing Director, Graduate Transitions

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