6th September 2017


The Identification of High Potential Masterclass

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Employees with High Potential (HiPo) are 50% more valuable to the business than core employees because they exhibit 21% higher performance levels. If High Potential Employees are not nurtured, however, their value can quickly erode.

This strategic masterclass examines what High Potential is, how it differs from performance, how best to leverage your High Potential Talent and how you can assess for High Potential.

Join us for “The Identification of High Potential” Masterclass, 6th September 2017 in London, 11am-2pm.


  • What is high potential and how to measure it?
  • Why is potential different to performance?
  • Using a high potential framework to provide an authentic assessment of future potential
  • How can you evolve your selection processes to identify potential?
  • Which tools are most effective for assessing potential?
  • Identifying potential from within the organisation



“The Masterclasses are some of the best events I’ve been to for a long time. They are not only informative but thought provoking, combining innovative content with great input from the audience too.”

Gary Argent, Managing Director, Graduate Transitions

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