18th March 2020

Future World of Work Webinar

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The World of Work is changing.  Organisations have two choices; embrace the change, or get out of the way.

The pace of technological advancement is unprecedented and yet is still accelerating.  The combination of Big Data, The Cloud, and ever-increasing compute power and Bandwidth creates the perfect conditions for Digital Revolution; we sit on the brink of the 5th industrial revolution less than a decade after the start of the 4th.

What does this mean for Talent?

  • Technology is democratising the workplace. We already live in a Google-enabled world, where it’s no longer about what you know but how you apply your knowledge.  As technology increasingly takes on the more logic-anchored tasks, though, future potential will be more important than past experience.
  • We know that the next generation of talent that organisations need to drive their future success won’t settle for participating in the future.  They’ll shape it.  Define it.  Deliver it.  They’re the makers of tomorrow, and they’re changing the world right now.

This webinar will bring this inevitable change to life and will explore what it will take for organisations to embrace the change and flourish.

Whilst it will be anchored in the ‘So Whats’ for Future Talent, it will explore the future world of work more broadly, looking at what will be changing across all element of an organisation’s people proposition.  It will also explain why “Potential” is no longer a differential factor in hiring, but is actually the only criteria that matters, whatever level you are hiring at.

Join the webinar for our Future World of Work, Wednesday 18th March from 12-1pm. 

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