23rd October 2018


Data-driven future talent recruitment takes-off at Heathrow Masterclass

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Having the means to develop and track HR metrics in future talent recruitment has become essential. Technology is no longer a luxury in a digital age where data analytics drive effectiveness and act as the foundation for any progressive organisation. It’s not just about maintaining competitiveness either, it’s also about using data to inform the business case for change and improve results.

At this special Masterclass Heathrow will reveal how it has transformed the use of data and technology to make recruitment more effective by driving diversity, candidate-fit and applicant experience. Heathrow will explain the story of the journey they’ve taken providing insight, guidance and ideas for inhouse leaders and their teams who are passionate about improving recruitment. You’ll find out how selection was better aligned to meet the needs of the business, how measurable technology underpins Heathrow’s process and how attraction has become more targeted. Learn about what Heathrow has achieved and how you can collect and utilise data in more strategic ways to drive better campaign insight and improve results.

Join us for Data-driven future talent recruitment takes-off at Heathrow Masterclass, 23rd October 2018 in London, 11am-2pm. 


“Great amount of information provided, very thought provoking.”

Sheena Forbes, HR Manager, EMEA, F5 Networks


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