20th April 2017


The Candidate is King Masterclass

Get access to the latest insights, innovations and hot topics influencing the world of recruitment.


The latest future talent trends


Benefit from unique sector insights


Reduce costs and improve results

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By 2020 Millennials will make up 50% of the workforce. Therefore our Masterclass content is drawn from our experience, research and knowledge of Millennial candidates and the early careers market. Because the workforce is evolving and becoming younger the research, experiences and innovations we will share can inform strategy and other high volume recruitment campaigns.

This strategic Masterclass will take you on a journey through a typical recruitment process. We will show you at every step how candidate engagement can be improved by introducing you to best practices and innovative tools. You will benefit from proven techniques that will transform the experience your candidates receive and discover why social mobility is such a hot topic and understand how to minimise adverse impact in your recruitment processes.

Join us for “The Candidate is King” Masterclass, 2oth April in London, 11am-2pm.


  • The importance of candidate experience
  • What a great end-to-end candidate experience looks like
  • Response handling best practices
  • Engaging and fair process
  • Personalised Feedback
  • Keeping candidates engaged to on-boarding and beyond
  • How to measure candidate experience
  • Building the business case for candidate experience



“I really value these sessions – expert speakers and the opportunity to speak to others in the same position / role.”

Samantha Hope, Graduate Recruitment Manager, Shoosmiths LLP

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