At Amberjack our brand-new Future Talent Insights Report shows candidates today are hired faster than ever before. But this means longer joining times and as a result reneged offers are increasing. To see how to meet the challenge of keeping your candidates excited, warm and motivated about their future careers with you – watch the video below.

We’ve developed a range of modular off-the-shelf tools that are cost-effective, fast and easy to launch. Your candidates benefit from an experience they’ll love that provides all the information they need from the day they accept an offer to the moment they start with you. You just select the tools you need and benefit from a bespoke, fully branded journey that’s effective, efficient and engaging.

  • Fully branded New Joiners Portal
  • Chat platform for new cohort
  • Social media closed groups
  • Welcome emails and keep in touch comms
  • Tracking tools for all aspects of offers
  • New starter goodies/welcome packs
  • Maps and relocation information
  • Day in the life roles comms/videos/chats
  • Newsletters
  • Joiners Timetable
  • Managed WhatsApp groups

Its also that time of year for top-up campaigns. If you find yourself in the tricky situation of shortfalls for any targets, we have all the experience you need and a dedicated team ready and waiting to help you right away! With 48% less cost per hire and 28% faster time to offer than ISE benchmarks we can quickly support you to meet your hiring objectives cost-effectively. Fill out your details on the right or call us on 01635 58430 to find out more about top-up campaigns. 

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