Morrisons is the fourth largest chain of supermarkets in the UK. They began life as an egg and butter stall in Bradford before evolving into a business with almost 500 stores across the country.


  • Create a recruitment programme to identify candidates with the potential to improve Morrisons’ performance, culture and future direction.
  • Deliver an engaging experience that aligned their talent with the roles.
  • Changing perceptions and educate candidates on the diversity of their business.
  • Improve quality of candidates.


  • Business analysis to identify core leadership behaviours for success.
  • Delivery of targeted attraction strategy which included paid media, social media, online content with video that resonated with both students and influencers, and direct engagement with over 200 schools.
  • Streamlined recruitment process which included a short registration, Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) and video interviews that introduced case studies specific to the role.
  • Design of assessment centre exercises that were tailor-made for the business roles. These included defamiliarisation exercises that took candidates out of their comfort zone and helped differentiate potential from experience.


  • 100% retention for graduate apprenticeship roles
  • 90% retention across all future talent streams
  • 38% reduction in applications due to targeted attraction
  • 3% declined graduate apprenticeship offers (45% fewer than ISE average)

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