A revolutionary RPO solution to attract and recruit for RB

Changing the game.


RB prides itself on innovative solutions for healthier lives and happier homes. With revenues of £8.8bn the company’s history spans 150 years of innovation for consumers across the world.

RB don’t just aim high, they dare to be different and take calculated risks to outperform all competitors and do whatever it takes to win. They have operations in 60 countries and their products are sold in almost 200 countries.

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We are delighted with the innovative campaign and the high levels of service Amberjack provide in supporting us to recruit the talent we need.

Internal Recruitment Manager, RB


RB trusted in our proven expertise to recruit new graduate talent into their business. They needed 12 graduates for Sales & Marketing and Finance roles.

RB had a number of challenges to resolve. They wanted to recruit extremely analytical, influential and resilient graduates. But new recruits had to be ready to take on challenging and high-profile ‘real’ jobs as soon as they started the graduate programme.

Another priority was to increase awareness of the RB brand in the graduate recruitment market. This required development of new creative branding that provided a realistic role preview. Their values, vision and corporate objectives needed to highlight the real life situations, relationships, decisions and achievements that RB graduates experience. Candidates needed be able to imagine and feel what it’s like to work inside RB.


We met with key stakeholders to understand RB’s values. Then we devised a campaign to deliver the entrepreneurial talent RB needed. It included attraction marketing and microsite, Ambertrack Applicant Tracking System (ATS), candidate management and assessment design.

For RB’s attraction campaign we analysed the most effective channels to reach the talent they needed. Then we targeted specific universities, the most relevant job boards, and social media channels. By developing the ‘Game Changers’ creative concept, we made the attraction strategy more than simply informative but highly engaging.

The campaign was supported by our passionate resourcing services team. They ensured candidates benefitted from a superb experience and the campaign was managed efficiently by using our Ambertrack ATS. Finally, we designed and managed ‘day in the life’ assessment centres to ensure all vacancies were filled.


The microsite showcased what it is like to work for RB. Video provided candidates with a realistic preview of life on the programme. Existing RB graduates were filmed to capture their experiences. This revealed some of the challenges they faced as they strived to demonstrate they were ‘game changers’.

The ‘game changer’ and ‘day in the life’ concepts we designed gained a 100% satisfaction rate from candidates. As a result, the concept is set to be rolled out across all RB future talent programmes.

The successful campaign achieved all of its objectives. RB filled all Sales & Marketing and Finance roles. With over 7,500 website visits and 23,000 page views, 70% of visitors registered for the programme. The targeted 8 week marketing and recruitment campaign was supremely effective. The campaign delivered the right entrepreneurial graduate talent for RB to continue to push boundaries.

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