World-class candidate experience for GSK

RPO delivers outstanding results


GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) is a leading healthcare business at the forefront of global pharmaceuticals and science. GSK employs around 100,000 people over 150 countries and owns brands including Aquafresh, Beechams, Sensodyne, Savlon and Panadol.

Amberjack provide an exceptional candidate experience that makes our recruitment more effective so that we achieve outstanding results.

Graduate Recruitment Account Manager, GSK


For GSK, early careers talent is crucial for success and business growth. With a strong brand and company culture, they crucially understand that candidates are consumers too; placing even greater importance on the positive experience candidates must receive as part of the recruitment process.

We have partnered with GSK since 2006. Together we make over 200 hires each season for 80 different early careers programmes. This makes recruitment challenging, not because of the volumes involved but because each of the 80 programmes are managed separately as independent campaigns.

In partnership with GSK, our objective is to not only hire the best talent but ensure that all candidates receive exceptional levels of care. GSK’s focus on candidate experience is well placed because so often young apprentice and graduate candidates have no prior experience of recruitment. This means that the care they need is greater and arguably more important for them than other talent streams. It also means that our approach as student recruitment experts requires greater engagement, support and mix of communications, which are multi-layered and more complex than a traditional recruitment strategy.


Ambertrack provides the recruitment platform for each GSK candidates’ journey – through shortened application forms, online tests, video interviews and assessment centres. It ensured candidates benefitted from a fully branded and immersive recruitment journey.

Our dedicated GSK resourcing team expertly managed candidates through recruitment. Ambertrack provided comprehensive pipeline visibility and real-time reporting so that KPIs could be monitored and acted upon immediately. The team handled more than 10,000 enquiries from email and hotline calls. But more than that they also initiated emails, texts and calls to keep candidates happy, warm and engaged.

Mobile-enabled account areas allowed candidates quick and easy access to all the information they needed and book interviews and assessment centre dates at times that suited them. We introduced new innovations to improve engagement. Personalised automated feedback provided instant and constructive feedback automatically for candidates after completion of each question. Amberchat – our online chat platform, hosted branded events for candidates to meet and engage with the GSK hiring community. These events provided a realistic and true flavour of GSK’s culture and the roles on offer, keeping candidates engaged throughout the process. Finally, our independent quality assurance team ensured consistency across all recruitment activities so that all campaigns were delivered successfully.


The results of this highly complex recruitment campaign are world class, not only in delivering the high-quality talent that GSK needed but also in providing exceptional levels of candidate experience as reflected in an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of +55 (where 50 is considered excellent).

Throughout the campaign every candidate touchpoint was recorded, measured and responded to within 24 hours. This not only increased engagement but minimised drop outs and led to well over ninety percent of offers being accepted.

Cost per hire was reduced and average time to offer was much faster than the ISE student recruitment industry average. We introduced new innovations such as personalised automated feedback and Amberchat that transformed engagement. But more than that our high-touch, supportive and friendly approach delivered a world-class experience for all GSK candidates.

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