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BT Global Services plc (BTGS) delivers a combination of communications and IT services to over 10,000 organisations and governments worldwide. Its customers include 94% of the FTSE 100 companies, 74% of the Fortune 500 companies and 100% of Interbrand’s top 50 valuable brands. BTGS employs around 20,000 people globally, with one of the largest professional services capabilities in its industry.

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The campaign met all our objectives, delivering exactly the right candidates in very tight timeframes. Attrition of less than 5% demonstrate how effective the campaign was.

Vice President, BT Global Services


As a dynamic business operating in a complex and ever-changing market, BTGS holds the largest market share of any European data communications provider. However something was missing: the initiative that would create a steeper growth curve, cement BTGS’s position with its huge client base and – just as importantly – act as the catalyst for reenergising and revitalising the entire business.

BTGS recognised that the best catalyst for business transformation was the acquisition of exceptional talent, and that the best way to drive growth was through an exceptional sales operation. By linking the two together, BTGS created the concept of a Sales Academy. A completely new sales force of 180 account management professionals based across 25 UK locations. The new Academy needed experienced talent in extremely tight timescales of just 6 months.


To ensure objectives were aligned we held job analysis workshops to fully understand the talent that was needed. This informed all elements of the campaign. We built an end-to-end campaign that included attraction, the Ambertrack Applicant Tracking System (ATS), candidate management, and screening and assessment services.

The online application form in Ambertrack included self-selection, pre-screening and competency based questions. These improved the quality of candidates within the process. Applications were screened manually and quality assurance ensured consistency across each competency. Candidates also faced online tests, telephone role plays and assessment centres. These processes ensured that high-quality candidates were consistently identified and progressed at each stage.

Finally, all processes were managed by our fully briefed, dedicated and passionate resourcing services team. Candidate enquiries were responded to immediately providing a high-quality experience.

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The recruitment campaign was an unqualified success. BTGS transformed their business through the acquisition of exceptional new sales talent.

The attraction campaign targeted the ideal candidates for BTGS. It delivered over 50,000 unique visitors to the microsite. We received more than 8,000 applications and delivered over, 1,400 online tests and 900+ telephone interviews. 185 experienced hires were made for more than 25 regional locations.

Throughout the campaign over 4,000 candidate calls and over 1,000 email enquiries were managed by the team. All issues were recorded, measured and acted upon immediately. This increased engagement and minimised dropouts. Candidate feedback enhanced the experience of even unsuccessful candidates.

Numbers of applications exceeded forecasts. And the quality of candidates was much higher than anticipated. With conversion ratios at assessment centres of 40%, BTGS was delighted with the quality of candidates that were sourced as a result of this compressed, high-pressure and high profile campaign.

This campaign has since been awarded the Best Candidate Experience Award at the RBA’s (Recruitment Business Awards).

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