New digital assessment and video SJT platform for Atkins

High impact digital assessment.


Atkins is one of the world’s most respected design, engineering and project management consultancies. They have over 18,000 global employees in 300 offices across 29 countries and revenues of £1.76 billion. Atkins builds long-term trusted partnerships to create a world where lives are enriched through the implementation of their ideas. They have undertaken projects in over 150 countries.


The innovative selection process we now have in place has exceeded our initial expectations and objectives.

Early Careers Manager, Atkins


We have had a long working relationship with Atkins and recently partnered with them to innovate and redesign their early careers selection process.

Atkins wanted to create a future-proofed, cost-effective and innovative digital selection process. It was essential that the new process delivered the right volumes of qualified applicants. But it also needed to exceed the expectations of mobile-enabled, tech-savvy candidates. Another key objective was to differentiate the Atkins brand from its competition.

The new selection process needed to be much more engaging. It needed to provide a realistic job preview and introduce automated deselection to improve efficiency.


Changes were made to all stages of the recruitment process. But the most significant change was the introduction of a video Situational Judgement Test (SJT). This has allowed Atkins to deselect up to 50% of applicants in an automated and highly predictive way with no adverse impact.

The SJT requires candidates to respond to multiple choice questions. These are about real life Atkins situations that candidates might find themselves in were they to be successful in their applications.  The video shows real Atkins employees in those situations. It also  increases candidates’ understanding of the roles they are applying for. And it increases acceptance of negative assessment outcomes, due to the high level of face validity.

The project was a significant undertaking and required engagement across the Atkins business. This ensured the video SJT accurately reflected the reality of life as a graduate at Atkins. But was also predictive and had no inherent bias.

man welding


The video SJT has been supremely successful in deselecting unsuitable candidates. At the same time it has provided exceptional candidate engagement and experience. This has been achieved on a comparatively limited budget. The project will be cost neutral for next year through the cost-efficiencies we have created.

The planning and development undertaken with Atkins contributed to the effectiveness of the new solution. As the project unfolded, it was necessary to work together to present its objectives and progress to internal stakeholders. It was at these times when the seamlessness of the working partnership was most critical. Alignment was absolute. Collectively we all pulled together to deliver and support a joint vision.

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