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At Amberjack, we design solutions with Candidate Experience at the heart of every one. 

Drawing on our expertise, we help organisations enhance the experience of all candidates whether they are successful or not.

Why Is Candidate Experience Important?

Creating an optimal candidate experience is a major focus for recruiters and RPO providers alike. At Amberjack, we understand its significance on not just your immediate hires but your organisational brand and ultimately bottom line. 

Optimising your candidate experience is the best way to ensure that your potential hires stay engaged throughout the recruitment process. However, developing a truly exceptional experience can be complex and challenging. 

Amberjack’s Approach To Providing A Great Candidate Experience

Simplify The Process

We can help simplify your recruitment by introducing our award-winning and industry-leading recruitment technology. 

Our technology can significantly improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your process.

We help streamline your applications by utilising our job matching tools or saving hours of recruiter and business time through our Digital Assessment Centre, and innovative Future Potential Assessment.

Manage Expectations

We often carry out focus groups with students and graduates, and managing expectations is a recurring issue that is raised. 

To avoid high levels of withdrawals or later down-the-line reneges, it is vital to be consistent in the messaging used throughout your campaign, especially after initially attracting candidates.

This should be both compelling but truthful and reflective of your organisation. Inform and educate candidates about the process, provide support at each stage and ensure timely feedback is given, reflective of the stage they have reached.

Make Your Process Fair & Inclusive

We help you build a solution that is not only fair and inclusive but also engaging for candidates.

ED&I is the number one challenge for most organisations and Early Talent programmes can be a key way to start addressing this issue. 

From attraction activity through to candidate assessment and onboarding, we advise and support our clients to have a diversity-first approach in all their solutions.

Provide Sufficient Feedback

With increased automation, we help you to provide feedback upfront to those many hundreds or thousands of candidates that go through the first couple of stages. 

This can be anchored in the scoring guides and the assessment criteria that you are using. We make sure in-depth feedback is given as it is critical once they’ve progressed to the latter stages. 

Maintain Communication

Communication is essential throughout the recruitment process, and personalisation is what sets us apart. 

Our Volume Hiring Platform enables you to tailor communications to different stages in the process. 

The personalised approach gives the candidate the feeling of a one-to-one conversation, and a speedy response is key. 

Technology can certainly help, but we understand that the combination of technology and the human touch often has the best outcome.

Keep candidates engaged throughout

Focusing on candidate management to ensure engagement from offer acceptance to joining can greatly reduce reneges. 

Post offer, we help to introduce strategies like providing a ‘buddy’ to introduce candidates to the team, provide insight and invite them to activities, even virtually. This can make them feel part of the organisation. 

Chat tools, social media and onboarding portals to answer questions, and regular check-ins from recruiters and line managers are also other ways we help keep candidates engaged.

Measure Your Candidate Experience

There are multiple ways to measure Candidate Experience, and we are equipped to manage them all.

 Nevertheless, we advise the incorporation of anonymised Net Promoter Score (NPS) feedback throughout the process. 

With our smart automation tools, it is possible to capture candidate feedback at every step of the process and make it conveniently reportable, comparable and actionable.

We are proud to have supported many of our clients to transform their candidate experience and over the past few years have been rewarded with a number of industry awards recognising our work and expertise in this space.  


What Our Clients Have To Say

“Amberjack has done us proud throughout our partnership. Early Careers is a massive part of Morrisons – it is who we are, nurturing young talent as our sustainability in this company.”
Early Careers People Manager, Morrisons
"Through close collaboration and partnership with Amberjack we have been able to use best practice assessment tools and provide graduate, intern and apprentice candidates a more streamlined recruitment process. By doing so, we’ve been rewarded with higher quality and more engaged candidates.”
Head of Future Careers, Virgin Media O2
“I would consider Amberjack a true strategic partner. Our relationship is built on trust and mutual respect. We look to co-create and work through challenges together.”
Future Talent Manager, Mars
‘The innovative selection process we now have in place has exceeded our initial expectations and objectives."
Head of Early Careers, Atkins
‘Amberjack’s integrated technologies allow us to achieve many of our objectives all whilst maintaining an exceptional candidate experience’
Recruitment Manager, Weightmans
"Technology and intelligent automation have played a vital role in the solution we have delivered and allowed us to transform our process both internally and for our candidates. We have been delighted with the results."
Recruitment Manager, Financial Services Firm
Senior Resourcing Manager, BDO

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