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Connecting with your candidates shows you care

Amberchat is our moderated chat platform that hosts real-time discussions for candidates. It’s been designed to create a more personal way to communicate online with your future talent. Connecting with candidates helps evolve relationships, improves attraction and ensures that candidates remain engaged from the first to final day of your recruitment process.

Build meaningful relationships

Online chats deliver the highest satisfaction levels of any customer service channel. Amberchat lets you create a fully branded and interactive environment where candidates can engage and connect. Our system improves candidate experience and gains the trust of your future talent potential – keeping candidates warm as they move through the process towards offers and onboarding.

Keep your future talent connected

-Candidates remain warm and engaged throughout their journey

Host real-time discussions and reporting

-Get instant and complete visibility of chat transcripts and reports

Moderated group chat functionality

-You stay in control and manage your candidates’ conversations

Bring your future talent recruitment to life

In an increasingly automated world, Amberchat is a simple and effective way of showing the human side of your organisation. You can introduce people in a friendly way by starting online and hosting real-time discussions. By sharing your own immersive content, you can drive candidates’ interactions with your brand across every step of their journey.

Simple to configure and set up

-Easily integrated with your existing talent technology

Branded and interactive environment

-Attract and engage potential with your brand values

Mobile enabled for convenience

-Candidates can chat on the go while using their own devices

Improve candidate engagement

Maximise recruitment efforts

Support diversity and inclusion  

“Amberchat helps us to maintain high levels of candidate engagement across all our early talent acquisition programmes.”

Graduate Recruitment Account Manager


Help candidates make the right career decisions

Match-me tools allow candidates to make more informed decisions about their future career path. By providing them with insight into the organisation and job role, they can be directed to the best possible opportunity. For employers it can help improve efficiencies by reducing the number of applications and improving quality.

Let candidates take control

Educating candidates about your organisation and job roles is a critical part of the recruitment process. In a competitive environment, with increasing numbers of applications, providing candidates with an higher level of insight helps them to better select (or de-select) from your opportunities.

Build a bespoke experience

Through our Match-me tools, which are bespoke to your brand, you can help potential hires understand if they’re aligned to your company culture and have a realistic view of the job they are applying for. This in turn can improve the perception of your brand and drive a higher quality of applications.

Educate your candidates

Drive quality applications

Improve employer brand

“Our match-me tool helps candidates make more informed career decisions and supports to create a more positive candidate experience.”

Early Careers  Manager, Leading Professional Services Firm


Outstanding engagement from the outset

Ambertrack helps maximse your recruitment efforts from the very first touch point with candidates. By utilising our campus events module, recruiters can manage registrations, automate tailored communications, and build maximum engagement. Our enhanced branding options ensure applicants have a consistent brand experience and enable you to bring your proposition to life. Candidates benefit from personalised feedback and our interactive MyAccount area, which takes the overall recruitment experience to the next level.

Showcase your brand identify

Your brand reflects who you are and what you stand for as an employer. Ambertrack allows you to promote your brand and position your company as an employer of choice. It also helps candidates to make informed decisions on whether they’re a good fit with your organisation.

Fully branded experience
-Utilise our highly configurable technology to deliver a consistent brand experience

Engaging Communications
-Create automated, branded and personal communications to improve candidate engagement

Take candidate experience to the next level

Ambertrack brings award-winning improvements to your candidate experience by providing automated personalised feedback, real-time responses, and opportunities to connect with others. We also measure candidate satisfaction and loyalty levels at every stage of your early talent recruitment programme to ensure continual improvement across the process.

Automated personalised feedback
-Provide meaningful feedback to candidates and support their ongoing development

Measures Net Promoter Scores (NPS)
-Keep track of candidate satisfaction at every stage

Mobile-enabled for convenience
-Candidates can use their devices for self-service bookings

Interactive MyAccount area
-Update candidates and manage onboarding via email

Candidates are 130% happier

Reduce reneged offers by 56%

Save 85% of recruiter time

“It was so exciting because we were able to take control: proactively targeting our messages, removing the barriers and managing the variables in real time.”

Emerging Talent Manager, Network Rail 

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