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    Immersive psychometric assessment


    Immersive psychometric assessment 

    Award-winning digital assessment centre




    Award-winning digital assessment centre 

    Leading-edge assessment platform

    Leading-edge assessment platform

    Video interviewing platform





    Video interviewing platform


    Immersive psychometric to identify potential

    HiPo-i is a digital assessment tool that helps organisations identify future potential in candidates. The digital revolution presents disruptive challenges and organisations need a new approach to talent acquisition. HiPo-i is the first assessment product to define potential across a range of indicators and measures. It delivers a highly interactive experience that has never been possible from an automated, off-the-shelf test before.

    Assess for future potential

    To meet the pace of progression, HiPo-i measures four critical indicators of future potential: Grit, Digital Intelligence, Applied Intellect and Creative Force. We measure the whole person against these elements through an engaging, interactive, face-valid, blended assessment. It only takes 30 minutes to complete, and ensures organisations are prepared for the future.

    Proven to identify four key pillars of potential

    -Applied Intellect, Digital Mindset, Creative Force and Grit define potential

    Recognise potential across blended psychometrics

    -The first tool to assess applied numerical and verbal intellect, and behaviour

    Measure the ‘whole person’ in next to no time

    -Face-valid blended assessments only take 30mins to complete

    Improve your overall candidate experience

    -Create a highly engaging, immersive and interactive journey

    Boost diversity through multi-format applications

    -Designed in partnership with diversity and neurodiversity specialists


    Focus on efficiency

    As we face a future characterised by uncertainty and cost conservatism, HiPo-i welcomes cost efficiencies by removing a stage in your selection process. It combines video and auto response items that not only let you measure hard to assess criteria but prioritise by screening candidates with the greatest potential.

    Effectively remove a stage from your selection process

    -Combining video and auto-response items saves time and costs

    Modify our tech to meet your needs

    -Our tech is easily customisable to help find the talent you want

    Prioritise your future talent pipeline

    -Focus your assessment on the strongest-fit candidates

    Automatically generates meaningful feedback

    -Boost candidates’ progress through development-led feedback


    Easy to deploy

    HiPo-i has a modern API that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing recruitment technology. It can be used on a standalone basis or with other Amberjack technologies to manage your assessment end to end. Our Information Security and Data Protection teams ensure our products are secure and robust. And it provides reassurance and detailed insight you’ll need for seamless implementation.

    Simple, impactful and unbiased evaluation

    -Delivers scientifically rigorous, fair and inclusive assessments

    Seamlessly integrated into your existing technology

    -HiPo-i’s open, modern API can be easily accommodated by your process

    Equally easy to deploy on an unintegrated basis

    -It can also fuse with our other tech to run your process end-to-end

    We’ll support you through its smooth implementation

    -Our team of experts are on hand to help you every step of the way


    Sift out 70% of applications

    Sift out 70% of applications

    Save 80% of resource time

    Save 80% of resource time

    Transform candidate experience

    Transform candidate experience

    “I really like the self-reflection aspect of it because I think it brings a more human approach to it. The company can actually see me.”

    HiPo-i Candidate


    Innovative digital platform to transform assessment centres

    Impact is our digital assessment centre platform. It transforms traditional, time-consuming, paper-based assessment centres into modern, automated and environmentally friendly hubs. Digitally streamlining your recruitment strategy saves time, costs and the planet.

    Uplift your assessment experience

    Impact improves the assessment experience for both candidates and assessors. Candidates love the immersive tests that reflect real-life scenarios across different roles. And, assessors can score, record and instantly access data to make better-informed hiring decisions.

    Improve assessment experience for all

    -Interactive solutions for candidates, assessors and facilitators

    Efficiently manage assessment centres

    -Plan, schedule and allocate centres in a matter of minutes

    Automatically access data from multiple locations

    -Instantly view data from any of your assessment centres

    Deliver outstanding volume recruitment results

    -Objective, consistent and visible assessments to identify potential

    Greatly reduce assessor washup times

    -Assessors score more accurately for time-saving efficiencies

    Modify our tech to meet your needs

    Impact can be flexibly configured to meet your exact needs – even if they change. All task instructions and exercises can be automatically updated to deliver effective and efficient results. And, virtual assessments can be easily implemented to adapt to uncertain times.

    Assessments tailor-made to your needs

    -Tests and existing exercises can be customised and updated

    Digital solutions scaled to fit any size

    -Technology that can assess over 100 candidates – or just one

    Create virtual assessment centres

    -Remote assessments combat challenges posed by Covid-19

    Showcase your brand identity

    -Assessments can be personalised to reflect your company culture

    Mobile-enabled paperless technology

    -Candidates are assessed from their own devices – without any waste!

    Planning assessment centres is 96% faster

    Planning assessment centres is 96% faster

    100% reduction in paper waste compared to typical centres

    100% reduction in paper waste compared to typical centres

    Candidate NPS improved by 157% over paper-based centres

    Candidate NPS improved by 157% over paper-based centres

    “Impact is innovative and relevant to today’s modern society. The technology is fast-paced, organised and very easy to use.”

    Business Consulting Graduate Programme


    Leading-edge assessment platform that identifies potential

    Leap is our immersive digital assessment platform. It hosts a wide range of automated tests that can be taken individually or as part of a blended assessment. These scientifically proven tests have been designed to be more effective, more efficient and more engaging than ever before.

    Flexibly measure multiple candidate qualities

    By combining the latest recruitment technology with our powerful insights, Leap effectively supports a full suite of future talent assessment tests. From traditional text-based tests to immersive video assessments, our technology is primed to recognise potential.

    Interactive testing experience

    -World-class candidate experience featuring immersive video

    Traditional cognitive assessments

    -Reveal reasoning, logic, numeracy, and job specific ability

    Behavioural assessments

    -Identify potential through presenting realistic job previews

    Blended assessments

    -Measure different candidate qualities at the same time

    Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs)

    -Tests tailored to realistic work scenarios bring proven results

    Match-Me self-selection tools

    -Tests that suggest suitable roles based on candidates’ attributes

    Make better hiring decisions… faster

    Some of the largest professional services firms and the biggest brands in the world trust in our tech to discover their next generation of talent. Leap can be customised and seamlessly integrated with your existing recruitment process to make better, faster hiring decisions.

    Real-time reporting

    -Assessors get complete visibility of candidates’ scores

    Mobile-enabled for convenience

    -Candidates use their own devices for cost-saving efficiencies

    Personalised automated feedback

    -Candidates are supported through every step of the way

    Showcase your brand identity

    -Assessments can be personalised to promote your brand messaging

    250,000 candidates are assessed through Leap each year

    250,000 candidates are assessed through Leap each year

    Average time to offer reduced to 69 days

    Average time to offer reduced to 69 days

    SJTs reduces volume of candidates in your pipeline by 30-50%

    SJTs reduces volume of candidates in your pipeline by 30-50%

    “Leap delivers a branded experience that’s fully immersive to efficiently assess the talent we need.”

    Recruitment Manager, Financial Services Firm


    Video assessment made simple

    Talentsee Ipad Website

    Talentsee is the ultimate video assessment platform for managing volume recruitment. Our video interviewing technology can be seamlessly integrated into all of our early talent assessment tools – forming an effective part of their overall functionality. 

    Make big savings from small screens

    Our on-demand video interviews provide a personable way of assessing future talent potential. Unlike traditional face-to-face interviews, there are no travel or venue costs while assessors save time by not having to individually schedule and conduct each interview.

    Save unnecessary recruitment costs

    -No need to spend money on candidate travel costs or venue hire

    Involve your other colleagues

    -Multiple people can assess candidates through shared interviews

    Reduce time to hire by half

    -With no scheduling required, time to hire can be reduced by 50%

    Fully branded and customisable

    -Consistently showcase your company culture across the platform

    Instant access within minutes

    -Sign up with no set up fees, no contracts and no software to install

    Assess your candidates more effectively

    Video assessments give candidates a chance to express their personalities. Assessors can see candidates up close and score with confidence. Tagging positive candidate responses, recording comments and sharing interviews with others improves recruitment results.

    Custom scoring and tagging

    -Customise questions and tag answers to score positive behaviours

    Positive candidate experience

    -86% of candidates had a positive experience when video interviewing

    Fair and consistent assessments

    -Having questions in a consistent format helps eliminate assessor bias

    On-demand and mobile enabled

    -Candidates can use any digital platform, from anywhere, at any time

    Interview candidates around the world

    -Multi-language and time-zone options allows access across the globe

    Application Programme Interface (API)

    -Technology can be easily integrated with other ATS and CRM platforms

    86% of candidates have a positive experience

    86% of candidates have a positive experience

    Video interviews reduce time to hire by 50%

    Video interviews reduce time to hire by 50%

    Video assessments are 6 times faster than by phone

    Video assessments are 6 times faster than by phone

    “Talentsee is easy to use with fantastic support. We can see candidates up-close and share videos to quickly screen them, saving time and costs.”

    Head of Talent, Retailer