Weightmans is a top 45 UK law firm with eight offices, employing more than 1,200 people, including more than 180 partners.
    The firm offers a range of legal services to public organisations, private companies, and individuals, and has an annual turnover of £93.4 million.


    As a progressive and future focused organisation, Weightmans continually seek new ways to provide better access to careers in their sector. They are launching a new Law apprenticeship scheme across the business to attract the next generation of talent. They required a new recruitment and assessment solution which would create an immersive journey, focus on a candidate’s potential rather than previous experience and deliver a diverse cohort of new hires. 


    Working together with Weightmans, we deployed our digital online assessment, HiPo-i, into their apprenticeship recruitment process to recruit the practitioners of the future they require.

    In order to decrease the volume of admin heavy tasks Weightmans also started using our ATS, Ambertrack. This allows for automation, bulk processing, seamless integration, real-time reporting and drives significant time and cost-saving benefits.


    The speed of the assessment has improved the process for candidates and NPS scores by stage have increased compared to previous years.

    • Registration +63
    • Application +77
    • Interactive Assessment (HiPo-i) +62
    • Coaching call +100

    We’ve also seen a 70% sift out rate of candidates.

    ““We are really impressed with HiPo-i and the addition of Ambertrack. Both technologies allow us to achieve many of our objectives all whilst maintaining an exceptional candidate experience. HiPo-i looks fantastic and we would definitely recommend it to others.””

    Client Testimonial


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