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Understanding Legal

We work with a number of leading law firms, supporting them with their Early Career Recruitment requirements. We have built up our understanding of the sector and the challenges this highly competitive industry faces:

➜ Ensuring gender diversity: 52% of lawyers are women, but the seniority gap remains significant 
➜ Increasing ethnic diversity: 17% of lawyers are BAME, only 2% of those are Black
➜ Ensuring the industry is accessible: only 5% of lawyers are disabled
➜ Broadening the talent pool: 23% of lawyers attended a ‘fee-paying’ school, compared to just 7.5% for the general population 
➜ Increasing Social Mobility: only 17% of lawyers come from a low-socioeconomic background 

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Legal HiPo Screenshots

Legal Potential Assessment

Our most recent co-created Legal Future Potential Assessment addresses the challenges that your industry currently faces and provides a fresh approach to assessing candidates. Working in partnership with one of the world’s largest law firms, Dentons, using our model for identifying Potential and mapped against legal industry frameworks.

The assessment moves away from the traditional single criterion assessments, and takes a more holistic view, so that you can assess the whole candidate and limit adverse impact.

Assessing for Potential

Historically the focus of assessment, whether for selection or for development, has been on past experience and attainment as critical criteria, with Potential being a secondary consideration. We recommend that to hire future-proof talent, organisations should switch the attention and focus on Potential first.

Assessing for Potential has been difficult in the past, but our Mission is to enable a world in which people are hired and progressed solely based on their Future Potential.  As a result, we have spent many years developing our approach to the identification of Potential with corresponding models, tools and techniques which make it easily achievable, even in high-volume situations.

Hill Dickinson are just one of the many organisations we work with, who are now utilising our Future Potential Assessment to widen access to careers in Law.

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Immersive Assessment Centres

Amberjack have worked with a number of law firms to design assessment materials.

Our immersive, interactive assessment centres are built around typical in-role business scenarios.  We present the assessment centre as a working day, providing candidates with an electronic diary, indicating times when they are required to join a meeting. The meetings form the basis of the assessments and can be a mix of 1:1 or group meetings.

We are well known for one particular assessment innovation: defamiliarisation (or Defam Exercises).  In every role we have profiled in the modern/digital era, resilience, ability to apply learnings from one situation to another, self-awareness, drive, and ability to think holistically, have been critical. These criteria are exceptionally hard to measure via traditional means. Our defamiliarisation exercises enable organisations to tap into these criteria while providing an exhilarating candidate experience.

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Graphic showing the cycle of Amberjack's recruitment process

Assessment Centre
Exercise Design

In addition to our online assessments, many of our law firms have decided to refresh their assessment centre materials. Firms want to ensure their assessment exercises are reflective of the realities of the role, can be delivered virtually & face-to-face, and they assess Future Potential.

At Amberjack, we provide support and assessment design with our team of occupational psychologists, who can create bespoke assessment centre materials and interview question banks for you. Our assessment team is experienced in creating immersive, interactive assessment centres, built around typical business scenarios the candidates would find themselves in once in the role.

Potential in Action

Weightmans are continually seeking new ways to provide better access to careers in their sector.

In a move that was a first for an organisation of this size, Weightmans wanted to launch a new Law apprenticeship scheme across the business to attract the next generation of talent.

To support the innovative programme, they required a new recruitment and assessment solution which would create an immersive journey, focusing on a candidate’s potential rather than previous experience, to help deliver a diverse cohort of new hires.

Discover Weightmans’ goals and how we worked with them to deploy our Future Potential Assessment by downloading the full case study.

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