Encouraging minority groups to join the engineering industry is a high priority for organisations in this sector right now.

With only 10% of those in engineering occupations being of minority ethnic heritage compared with 13% of the total labour force, and just 16% being women compared with 47% of the overall UK workforce, there is a lot of work to be done.

Improving these numbers is crucial to establishing a future-fit workforce with the potential to succeed long-term.


Amberjack’s technology and services have been developed to help organisations open up a world of opportunity for themselves and their Early Talent candidates. We help organisations hire better with the Power of Potential, using our knowledge in developing volume recruitment technology and delivering innovative solutions.

Creating a better working world, where candidates are recruited on their potential to succeed, is all about reshaping the future. We want to help you achieve the ambition of bringing together different voices and perspectives.

Attracting Diverse Future-fit Talent

Hiring for remote locations is difficult, especially when your organisation wants to achieve a diverse cohort, with many candidates reluctant to move or travel to remote locations.

With longer term challenges due to Brexit complications, and the candidate-led market, it’s important to start at the very beginning: your attraction.

Amberjack’s powerful attraction techniques can help here. With university contacts, strategic media planning, social media messaging, and regular communication with candidates, we work with you to show off your brand to the right people.

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We’re passionate about unlocking skills often overlooked within traditional processes. The Amberjack Volume Hiring Platform, coupled with our flexible outsourcing services and in-house expertise create efficient, effective and immersive experiences. We enable organisations to remove barriers to inclusivity and diversity and rapidly identify future potential.

We want to strive for a future where people are hired on their potential, rather than past experience and privilege, bridging the gap between today and tomorrow, and helping you combat your recruitment challenges.

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Our services and expertise allow us to regularly review recruitment data and provide our clients with valuable insights. Below you can download our reports and dive into the data, to explore our Apprenticeship recruitment market analysis, and solutions for current Early Talent recruitment challenges.

Amberjack has worked across industries and sectors with some of the biggest names in business.

From helping Atkins to optimise their candidate experience, and delivering a successful Degree Apprenticeship Programme with Morrisons, to transforming BDO’s online assessment, and helping recruit practitioners of the future with Weightmans – we utilise our experience to help you achieve your goals!

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