Amberchat connects your people, content and ideas together in one simple, secure and social world. Your world. It’s a creative and flexible platform that helps people function better within an organisational context and improves talent engagement during the recruitment process.

You can host real-time discussions and start conversations with your people and prospective talent through moderated group chats. Chat events can share your news, business intelligence, and host Q&A sessions and discussions to engage your people and prospective talent better. By adding your own immersive content such as videos in a branded, interactive environment, it’s a fresh, new, exciting, and innovative way to share information and talk to your prospective talent, people and teams.

Amberchat is cost-effective, fast to setup and easy to use and because its mobile enabled people can join in from home or on the move, wherever they are in the world.

In an increasingly automated world Amberchat is a simple, cost-effective, and friendly way to improve the way people experience your brand. It drives on-going engagement by developing deeper and more meaningful relationships by presenting the human side of your business by harnessing the power of conversations..

To find out more about how Amberchat can improve effectiveness by better engaging your existing and prospective talent, add your details on the right or call 01635 584130.

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