We call our way of working:

    Ability with Agility

    Bridging the gap between today and the future

    At Amberjack, we’re passionate about untapping future talent potential. We’re pioneers in developing volume recruitment technology and services that help organisations bridge the gap between today and the future.

    For organisations that are seeking the talent of tomorrow, Amberjack is a recruitment specialist like no other. We are deep experts in the definition and identification of true potential and our innovative solutions together with the personal touch provide best-in-class experiences for our clients and their candidates.

    Bridging the gap between today and the future
    Our powerful tech and services deliver results

    Our powerful tech and services deliver results

    We’ve spent the last 15 years fine tuning recruitment solutions for future talent and volume hires. We’ve successfully managed over 450 complex volume recruitment campaigns for some of the world’s leading organisations.


    In the last year we have:


    Vacancies we were working on filled


    Candidates processed through Ambertrack


    Recruitment professionals attended 15 Masterclasses


    Overall system uptime maintained


    Increase in YouTube visits (up to 41,000)

    We’re trusted to keep our clients ahead of the curve

    We combine cutting-edge technology with insightful expertise and persistent passion to create market-leading recruitment solutions. We’re defining what true talent looks like in the future, and our clients trust us to find it.

    We’re trusted to keep our clients ahead of the curve
     Your recruitment strategy objectives are our objectives

    Your recruitment strategy objectives are our objectives

    We listen carefully to our clients’ aspirations and then apply our specialist understanding and experience to create early talent recruitment solutions. We make everything personal – you won’t find a recruitment specialist more committed to preparing you for future success.

    Our values

    Our values define us: We’re experts with enthusiasm… Always seeking to improve… Always acting with integrity… Always accepting accountability… And, always working with ability and agility.

    Our history

    Since starting life as Gradweb in 2000, we’ve been pioneers in recognising the potential of technology to make graduate recruitment programmes more effective and efficient.

    As Amberjack, we’ve evolved exponentially – growing more than 15% every year since we were founded. We’re still world leaders in entry-level recruitment, but we’re equally known for our expertise in RPO, volume recruitment and experienced hires. Our innovative services and software now help over 300,000 people begin new careers every year.


    In April 2019, LDC – the private equity arm of Lloyds Banking Group – invested £17.6m to support a management buy-out and accelerate our growth strategy. LDC provided capital to support investment in our latest technology propositions and help us explore complimentary acquisitions to broaden our service offerings.

    “Amberjack’s growth is testament to the fantastic service our teams provide to all of our clients and the increasing sophistication required in large-scale recruitment campaigns and specifically for early talent.”

    Cynthia Bostock, Chief Executive