A Learning Pathway – Apprentice Spotlight with Aylesha

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Apprenticeships are a learning and experience pathway loved by many who complete them. Apprentices start learning and integrating into your business as soon as they join and here at Amberjack, we wanted to spotlight two of our current Apprentices and their opinions, as well as how they think employers can support Apprentices, for Apprenticeship Week 2024. 

Aylesha started at Amberjack in November 2023 and is currently completing a level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship with us!

“Hi, my name is Aylesha, I’m 22 years old and I’m completing my Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship with the WBTC and Amberjack. I am a fun and talkative person, once I’m comfortable with my environment, and I am a massive fan of Formula One!”

What motivated you to choose an apprenticeship?

“I was motivated to choose an apprenticeship as I had the chance to see it first-hand as my older brother was completing his apprenticeship with British Airways.”

“I learnt how useful they are in getting into the working world and improving your own skills. I quickly noticed how much I love to learn as I go and prove my knowledge through my work output, therefore I could clearly see that an apprenticeship would be the best pathway for me to work to my best abilities and to push myself out there.”

How has your apprenticeship contributed to your personal growth?

“My apprenticeship has helped me with my personal growth as I have started to develop new interpersonal skills and enhance the skills I already have.”

“I’m becoming more confident as a person and a professional by involving myself more and trusting myself with the responsibilities given to me. With this newfound confidence, I see myself taking on more challenges and allowing myself to be more myself in the workplace.”

Would you recommend the apprenticeship route to others?

“I would recommend the apprenticeship route to others as I truly believe it allows people to experience more and gain a wider understanding of their potential; if you complete an apprenticeship in an office with many different sectors, it will allow you to get involved in other departments and network, which could widen your career goals.”

“I like to think it would be beneficial for others looking into their future careers to get a taste of the working world, whilst gaining a qualification under the umbrella of education. It helps to create a smoother transition into the working world and overall help others find their footing into their future.”

How can employers hiring apprentices support them to achieve their potential?

“A note to employers when hiring apprentices to support them to achieve their full potential, would be to be understanding throughout the duration of the course as sometimes it may get hectic when balancing the workload and the study element.”

“To encourage more time to complete any college work or to catch up on modules to gain a full understanding of their studies. Also, to be actively involved in the upkeep of the apprenticeship and to offer a shoulder when apprentices would like time to go over training and responsibilities of the workload.”

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