How to keep the benefits gained from virtual assessment whilst addressing the key challenges.

    Cheating prevention/anti-plagiarism/proctoring, or, as we term it, ‘Remote Trust’, was already a key area of focus for the most digitally progressive recruiters pre-pandemic, but has now accelerated to the forefront.

    In a world where technology defines assessment and enables everything that organisations do, our state-of-the-art platform, Impact, creates a virtual environment that mirrors life in your business, providing candidates with a more realistic preview of the role. With the many benefits of virtualising assessments there are also its challenges.

    On Thursday 9th September (11am-12pm), Sophie Meaney, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer, Amberjack will explore:

    • The virtualisation of assessments
    • What it means to ‘cheat’ in a digital-era recruitment process
    • Why cheating in an assessment process matters
    • The types of ‘cheats’ organisations might experience in relation to their recruitment processes
    • What Amberjack is doing to help clients identify ‘cheats’ and prevent ‘cheating’

    Sophie will also be joined by Tristram Hooley, Chief Research Officer, ISE who will share insight from a recent poll with ISE members on their experiences of Remote Trust throughout the pandemic.

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