For more than a century, Mars, Incorporated has been driven by the belief that the world we want tomorrow starts with how they do business today. This idea is at the centre of who they have always been as a global, family-owned business.


    Mars have trusted us to take care of their graduate talent streams since we became their strategic partners in 2012. We’ve consistently designed recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions for them that are laser-focused on finding exceptional future talent.

    Mars needed an early talent recruitment process at the forefront of pioneering technology that would serve three main purposes:

    • Deliver future-proof talent that stands out from the crowd
    • Improve candidate experience in an engaging way
    • Raise overall efficiency by freeing up recruiter time and resources

    The SJTs we design are highly effective self-selection tools that are proven to predict candidates’ future success. Hosted on our award-winning Leap platform, SJTs gave Mars a more engaging way of providing an authentic job preview while telling their story and showcasing their brand.

    The entire recruitment process was managed by our personally developed applicant tracking system (ATS), Ambertrack. Applications were screened manually, telephone interviews carried out and assessment centres seamlessly operated – with Mars receiving real-time reporting throughout.

    • Overall NPS of +69 compared industry standard of +24
    • 10% reduction in dropout rates
    • 40% sift out of unsuccessful applicants
    • 90% of SJT items discriminated between high and low performance

    “Amberjack’s knowledge, strong execution and high levels of candidate care ensure we recruit the exceptional talent Mars needs.”

    Future Talent Manager, Mars

    Pioneering Assessment & Selection for a Large Professional Services Firm

    Pioneering Assessment & Selection for a Large Professional Services Firm

    Creating the most innovative recruitment process to date.